portacom system

portacom system

Why would I choose a Portacom System Product?

Because you need an inconspicuous, easily accessible, attractive, portable way of carrying all your visual support strategies with you no matter where you go in your life, for maximum independence. The Portacom System products are all made from high quality outerwear fabric that is both water and stain resistant. Easily washable in the machine or by hand the inner fabric is Velcro hook compatible so your visual supports will adhere to the Portacom (or in the clear vinyl pockets as with the Object Cue System) and can be easily removed and transferred between products.
We use only the best quality zippers easy for small or disabled hands to operate and high quality vinyl for the window pockets. The buckles and waist straps are made from the same quality supplies used in police and other emergency team gear.


The standard's waist pack design keeps symbols for augmentative and alternative communications ready and available day to day communications needs.

mid size

Does everything a standard does but is smaller and more discreet for adults and teens.


1" thick binder for discreetly carrying all your symbols and for storage


When scheduling is a must, the calendar provides a working space to keep activities on track. Originally designed for daycare and primary classroom, it functions well at home.

pocket page

Pocket page attaches everywhere you need extra storage for symbols.  For use on standard , mid size, trifolder and calendar.

insert page

Insert page attaches to the Standard, Midsize, Calendar or Trifolder with Velcro brand adhesive. A lot of display and storage space can be created by layering these pages so the system grows with you.