portacom system

Portacom system for Augmentative and Alternative Communication at home, at school and in the world


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) opened our eyes to a world of communication...but how could we make it portable without spending thousands of dollars on high-tech equipment. We also didn’t want to be carrying cardboard, with Velcro glued to it around in our daily lives. Anyone requiring AAC for a lifetime, needs practical solutions to manage the growing library of AAC symbols. The Portacom System is a product line designed to take your AAC with you as you live your life at home, in school or out into the community. As you explore The Portacom System web site you will encounter products tested by children and adults, made from high quality, fully washable, water resistant fabrics. You will find a wealth of ideas for visual supports that work for families around the world in supporting non verbal people to understand the world around them and encourage them to begin to communicate choices and improve behaviour with the provided schedules and visual instruction to introduce new activities. Building these bridges opens up our world to them.

The Portacom System is used to help people with Autism, Autism Spectrum and related developmental disabilities. It is a communication support system for those using  A.A.C.  In special education and communication. People with Asperger's syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome (F.A.S.) and other cognitive disabilities and language disorders using picture communication find this invaluable.  Whether using picture exchange communication System (PECS), in special education, speech & language pathology  or early intervention programs. In Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA Therapy, or IBI (Intensive Behavior Intervention) for people who have Autism or other developmental disabilities, the Portacom System can help in their support. Any non verbal communication with people with Autism, developmental disabilities and special education can benefit from this.

Portacom family of products


portacom standard size


The basics

Provides 247 square inches of portable storage and display for AAC symbols as part of your larger communications system




Mid size

portacom midsize
Portacom Midsize


A more compact version

Does everything the standard Portacom does just smaller and more discreet for adult and teens who require less symbol space. 





Trifolder open




A 1" thick Velcro compatible folder for discreet use by teens in high school.  Offers larger display area.






portacom calendar
portacom calendar with symbols




Versatile in any setting from daycare, preschools to primary class rooms.  Provides scheduling format that is flexible with the use of your symbols for one person or more.